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18 days and 2 hours to the Moscow International Property Show
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Московская Международная Выставка НедвижимостиМосковская Международная Выставка Недвижимости
Moscow International Property Show: 9-10 November 2018

+7 495 777-25-77

Exhibition venue: map

Additional services


Whilst most of the visitors to our Property Shows speak reasonable English it is highly recommended to employ the services of a competent Interpreter. The costs is €.150.- per day. This service must be pre-booked at least 14 days in advance.

Interpreter Services Price
English-Russian EUR.150.- per day

Flyer Printing

Information in the Russian language is essential. To avoid you having to carry to many heavy brochures we can translate and produce a simple A4 flyer for mass distribution at the event. Materials should be sent to organisers a month before the event.

Printing Services Price
A4 Flyer in Russian, 1 side, 1000 copies, in black on coloured paper EUR.130.-
A4 Flyer in Russian, 2 sides, 1000 copies, in black on coloured paper EUR.180.-
A4 Flyer in Russian, 1 side, 1000 copies, in colour on white paper EUR.220.-
A4 Flyer in Russian, 2 sides, 1000 copies, in colour on white paper EUR.360.-
A3 Folded Flyer (A4x2) in Russian, 2 sides (total 4 sides), 500 copies, in colour on white paper EUR.500.-
Advertisement in the official Magazine of the event - International Residence
-15% Discount for participants
from EUR.635.-


Promote your company and the services that you offer through a professional video-interview. The interview will cover important issues with your sector of the International Real Estate Market and will include information on your company/developments. Made with an experienced journalist and expert cameraman, this video-interview offers you an opportunity to present your company, your current developments and the specialised & competent services that you offer for overseas property.

This video-interview can be made in your office or during your participation at one of the aiGroup real estate shows. The price includes creation of the concept, recording of the video, interview with our professional journalist, editing and final film. The film will then be placed with your contact details on www.1-property.ru and can also be placed on your own website.

Additionally, when you participate at one of the aiGroup events, your name is automatically entered into the List of Participants. As a video-interview client there will be a special symbol on this list to invite visitors to view your video.

Service Price
Video-interview (5-7 minutes) EUR.495.-

Video advertising

Instant recognition and attention by placing your company's advertising video on the plasma wall, which consists of 9 screens. The wall is located just above the Information Desk. So each visitor can see it at entry. The size is 3 x 1,6 m.

Service Price
Advertising on the video wall EUR.200.- per hour

Stand Decoration

High quality prints covering the walls of your stand greatly increase the image of your company. These can be pictures of developments, landscapes or logos. Materials should be sent to organisers a month before the event.

Stand Decoration printing: Price
Logo on your fascia board EUR.100.-
Full fascia board decoration EUR.150.-
Stand 3x2 m, 3 walls (wall papers printing) EUR.630.-
Stand 3x2 m, 2 walls (corner) (wall papers printing) EUR.450.-
Stand 4x3 m, 3 walls (wall papers printing) EUR.900.-
Stand 4x3 m, 2 walls (corner) (wall papers printing) EUR.630.-

Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment / Service Price
Plasma Screen 42" (+DVD, Sound, Support, floor stand) EUR.450.- for 2 days
Simple Brochure Stand EUR.50.- for 2 days
Info Counter (height - 110 cm) EUR.150.- for 2 days
Cupboard EUR.120.- for 2 days
Bar stool EUR.50.- for 2 days
Additional table EUR.60.- for 2 days
Additional chair EUR.25.- for 2 days
Plant (rental) EUR.100.- for 2 days
Storage room 1x1 m EUR.250.- for 2 days
Additional lamp EUR.40.- for 2 days
Internet access on your stand (1 connection) EUR.100.- for 2 days