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18 days and 2 hours to the Moscow International Property Show
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Moscow International Property Show: 9-10 November 2018

+7 495 777-25-77

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The Organisers

aiGroup, Russia, a Moscow based company, has been at the leading edge of innovation and development in Russia since 1992. By building on the experience of the early 'pioneer' days, this Company has established a desirable position of strength within the market. Well aware of day to day developments, aiGroup continues to combine creativity and experience to promote and market products to this lucrative market.


Moscow International Property Show

Advertising and Promotion of the event

Great care and attention is devoted to the advertising of the event. A careful blend of traditional and creative publicity ensures that only qualified potential clients are invited ensuring high level opportunities for our participants.

Close co-operation with many Business Organisations, Governmental Departments, high quality publications and extensive, well researched mailing lists enable us to maintain a high standard.

Essential short term reminders are sent by a concentrated e-mailing campaign and courier delivered personal invitations.