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18 days and 2 hours to the Moscow International Property Show
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Московская Международная Выставка НедвижимостиМосковская Международная Выставка Недвижимости
Moscow International Property Show: 9-10 November 2018

+7 495 777-25-77

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Participants reviews

We regularly participate in this exhibition, we consider it to be the most lively, selling: it attracts real clients: they are not just interested, but are really ready to invest in real estate and they do it. Property show is one of the few exhibitions that suits not only for company's image, but also for real selling! Here we get real feedback and sales.

Tatiana Zaitseva,
Deputy General Director of Gabetti-Real Estate (Italy)

We are not only interested in the brand's recognition, but also in the client base, as well as in the new partnership relations - all this we find on "Tishinka", so we try not to miss these exhibitions. There is always a wonderful organization and interesting communication with partners, and a stable client flow.

Irina Charalampous,
Account Manager, PRIME PROPERTY GROUP (Cyprus)

It is our third year at this exhibition and we consider it not just as a planned event, but as an important business opportunity. Here we find demand for both finished objects and for our investment projects. I would like to note a benevolent working atmosphere: most of the participants are not newcomers: both in the real estate market in general and in the Property show.

Irina Cherkasova,
the company Summer Home (Alanya, Turkey)

We represent real estate on the island of San Martin in the Caribbean Sea, due to the specifics of this sector of real estate (it is one of the most expensive) we deal mainly with agencies, besides a large flow of direct customers at exhibitions. In the Property Show, we have participated for the first time and, judging by the established contacts (and it turned out to be not only intermediaries) we will continue to participate!

Valeria Savignano,

Starting from 2011, we are constantly presented at this exhibition, having missed only one exhibition in 2016 for objective reasons. Now the political situation is stabilized, the interest of Russians to Turkey has returned, so we re-entered the Russian real estate market and, of course, with the help of the Property show. This exhibition is always effective for us: we get exactly the result that we plan!

Mirlan Baimoldoyev,
Head of Sales Department, Sonmez (Turkey)

We were at Tishinka from the very beginning from the very first exhibition. Being interested in the result, we consider the Property show to be the best real estate exhibition, here we have a stable result: sales!

Nina Volkova,
owner of NV-company (Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Montenegro)

We regularly participate in this exhibition throughout the whole existence of our company, and this is more than ten years. We are always happy to come here, here we find excellent professional organization, including attracting the targeted audience, and a friendly atmosphere, and interesting partners, and, since we work directly with customers, we find them here!

Galina Balog,

Our company is an investment and construction holding, and our main direction is Dubai. Now this place is popular among Russian investors, so we decided to take part in the Property Show. I liked the organization very much and I am very pleased by the number of potential buyers. It seems, according to the activity of the audience, that the situation in the market is getting better, more and more people are interested in investing in real estate.

Victoria Volkova,
Leading Specialist, Investment Department, E3-GROUP

We have been participating in this exhibition for many years. As usual we see quality, interest and visitors activity. And if we talk about specifically the current exhibition - we saw changes: there are more visitors, new companies come to participate, people's faces have changed. I don't want to say that the "crisis is over", but the mood of people has become more optimistic, and they are very enthusiastically rushing to the real estate market.

Philipp Berezin,
editor-in-chief of PRIAN.RU (real estate abroad portal)

We are engaged in the construction and sale of villas and cottages in Austria, being the beginners at this Property show we see the opportunities for further participation: many partners are potentially interested in partnership, the consumer audience is very active.

Victoria Yasmenko,
designer of the company "SELECT BAU MIT"

We participate at this exhibition for the first time. It is very pleasant that the audience varies in the age range: there are both young and old investors at the event; they are active and interested, I think, we will cooperate with the Property Show in the future.

Hugo Pinto,
Sales Director of IR-GROUP (Portugal)

We are here for a second time, and I think this is a good start for our cooperation with Russian-speaking investors. We are pleased to be able to participate in the Property Show and hope to return here next year. Here we already have working contacts with customers, and this is really an effective start in the Russian market!

Justina Strumilaite,
CEO of Blue Bay Regatta Resort (Dominican Republic)